The Carrier Later Confirmed The Serpent Was Eventually Captured And The Plane Is Now Back In Service.

It means that when a by-election date is set, the contest in Cumbria could reveal a lot about how national politics will play out in the coming months. Tories will highlight an issue that divides Mr Corbyn and his colleagues. But amid a huge local row about hospitals, Labour may discover how much damage troubles in the NHS have done to the Conservatives. Image caption Labour's campaign focuses on a row about local hospitals Chat to voters in the constituency and you hear two concerns: jobs and healthcare. In the butcher's in Whitehaven, one customer, Geoffrey Boyle, says: "This spot's dead enough already. There's hardly any life around here now. If nuclear goes, this town will be dead." The economy revolves around Sellafield, and job numbers are set to fall there as reprocessing work ends. A new nuclear power station is proposed. Labour backs new nuclear energy, and local politicians certainly do. But Mr Corbyn has made plain in the past that he disagrees.

Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Snake on a plane: Emirates flight cancelled after serpent spotting FOX flights to hawaii from jax News 22 hrs ago Scary sight on Aeromexico flight (credit: Indalecio Medina) Once Samuel L. Jackson appeared in the Mideast hotspot of Dubai, it really was only a matter of time before another snake on a plane would turn up. On Monday, Dubai-based Emirates said that one of its flights from Muscat, Oman, to the U.A.E. was cancelled the previous day after a snake was spotted slithering in the cargo hold. No passengers were reportedly aboard the aircraft when the animal was spotted. An Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News : Emirates can confirm that flight EK0863 from Muscat to Dubai on 8 January 2017, was cancelled due to a detection of a snake in the cargo hold prior to passengers boarding. Engineering and cleaning teams are working to clear the aircraft to re-enter service. We apologise [sic] for the inconvenience caused. The carrier later confirmed the serpent was eventually captured and the plane is now back in service. Emirates has not confirmed the species of the reptile or whether the snake was venemous. Jackson, who starred in the 2006 thriller "Snakes on a Plane," was in Dubai last month to accept a lifetime achievement award at the Dubai International Film Festival. Off the silver screen, this isn't the first time a snake spotted on a plane caused a stir. In November, a snake was spotted slithering out from behind an overhead luggage compartment on an Aeromexico flight over Mexico.

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