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Sr US intelligence official says political aides in the White House suggesting to @WashingtonPost tonight DNI went rogue in our interview don’t understand the role of intelligence. PS former Senator Coats has allies on the Hill. Join me tonight @bwilliams @11thHour

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Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For Ending Birthright Citizenship

Anton is one of the most vile figures to emerge from this administration (which is saying a lot). He has written tirades against diversity and Islam, arguing that the former is “a source of weakness, tension and disunion” and that the latter is “incompatible with the modern West.” He also defended the notorious America First Committee, which tried to prevent the US from entering Wold War II using anti-semitic propaganda . Bill Kristol, of all people, compared Anton to prominent Nazi Carl Schmitt. Even Jonathan Chait—who usually saves his ire for the truly powerful, college students —has called him an authoritarian . Knowing this, the Washington Post, defender of democracy, decided to publish Anton’s argument for ending one of the few American traditions that contains any glimmer of compassion for immigrants. In the piece, Anton argues against the common interpretation of the 14th Amendment which was written to give citizenship rights to newly freed slaves, and that is the constitutional basis for birthright citizenship. Anton argues for a version of America that’s antithetical to what the Washington Post professes to support. He calls America not a country of immigrants, but a country of “settlers” who can choose to exclude immigrants at any time. He writes that America’s policy of birthright citizenship is a “magnet” for the “world’s poor” and allows our citizenship to be “debased.” These arguments are inconsistent with a vision of American democracy that represents actual Americans, fewer and fewer of whom are white . This is exactly the fear of Anton, white supremacist Richard Spencer, and others who see their supremacy as white Americans slipping away.

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