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As it happens both the Labour and Conservative candidates voted Remain at the referendum. Labour's man Gareth Snell even published a rude poem on Twitter about Brexit's flaws. To add to the fun, he has been just as rude about Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell on Twitter. Stoke Central by-election: Candidates list When I ask him if Labour's leader would make a good prime minister he gives an unusually nuanced answer for a candidate: "Jeremy is the leader of our party. I will campaign for whoever the leader of our party is to be prime minister. "If that's Jeremy I'll do all I can to make sure he steps through the door of 10 Downing Street." A UKIP victory here would make good the long-held theory of party leader and candidate Paul Nuttall that his party can defeat Labour in parliamentary elections. Winning a seat at Westminster for himself would also see him triumph where his predecessor Nigel Farage failed. No wonder there's a glint in his eye. The idea of a UKIP win fits the key themes of the moment: Labour struggling, opposition to mainstream parties thriving. But that's why we should be cautious.

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