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FILE PHOTO: Smoke is seen during an attack on the Iranian parliament in central Tehran, Iran. Tasnim News Agency/Handout via REUTERS Iran also said its security forces killed the mastermind of the attacks on Saturday. "The commander of this terrorist group was based in the border regions, but after the attacks left the country," Alavi was quoted as saying by state broadcaster IRIB on Sunday. "However, with cooperation of (intelligence) services that are close to Iran, he paid the price of his crimes on Saturday and was killed by Iran's security forces and our friends in the other intelligence services," he said. รองเท้าวิ่ง ราคา Iran's intelligence ministry said on Thursday that five of the gunmen and bombers were Iranian members of Islamic State who had fought in the militants' strongholds in Syria and Iraq. The attacks were the first claimed by Islamic State inside tightly controlled Shi'ite Iran, one of the powers leading the fight against the Sunni militants in the region. The Iranian lawmakers invited the intelligence minister, interior minister and also the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guards to the parliament to report on Sunday about the biggest security breach in the country in more than two decades. "The ministers should explain how terrorists managed to reach the capital and hit two sensitive targets. We are not satisfied with the answers given so far," Asadullah Abbasi, a lawmaker was quoted as saying by judiciary's news agency, Mizan. Abbasi said the attacks were unprecedented since the killing of Iranian lawmakers in 1980s.

Not only is the Serbian sensation celebrating his 30th birthday, but he’s also just been named the face of Lacoste after the expiration of his five-year deal with Uniqlo . These are the Top Selling Sneakers of April Although fans will have to wait until later this month to get their hands on Djokovic’s first line with Lacoste — which is expected to include polo shirts and shorts — several of the items worn and used on-court by the 12-time singles Grand Slam winner can be purchased now. The Adidas Novak Pro worn by Novak Djokovic. Adidas Djokovic’s signature Adidas Novak Pro sneaker continues the brand’s Barricade line with Adiprene cushioning and plenty of lateral support thanks to its stability claws. It’s on sale for $124.95, down from its original price of $140, from Tennis Express . Adidas Novak Pro, $140; For those looking to take their game to the next level with a new racquet, the Head Graphene Touch Pro used by Djokovic is also available. The Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro used by Novak Djokovic. SmashInn Intended for aggressive players, the Graphene Touch Speed Pro is lightweight yet strong. It can be purchased from Tennis Express for $219.95 and is also available for demo testing.

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