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Coates, who turns 67 on Sunday, is also the coordination chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Games, responsible for ensuring planning for the games is on schedule and on budget. He could have lost his IOC vice presidency and his Tokyo duties if he had been defeated by Roche. It was the first time Coates had faced an election since he became president in 1990, and came amid an acrimonious campaign which divided former athletes and administrators. UNDATED (AP) Adolph Kiefer, the 100-meter backstroke champion at the 1936 Berlin Games who was America's oldest living Olympic gold medalist in any sport, has died. He was 98. He died at his home in Wadsworth, Illinois, about 50 miles north of Chicago, according to grandson Robin Kiefer. Kiefer had been hospitalized with pneumonia in recent months. He had neuropathy that kept him confined to a wheelchair later in life, but he continued swimming because he could still stand in the water, Robin Kiefer said. Kiefer became an Olympic champion as a 17-year-old in an Olympic-record time that stood for 20 years. He was also the first man to break 1 minute in the 100 backstroke, doing so as a high school swimmer in Illinois. He later competed for the University of Texas.

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The state sits near the bottom of health rankings for smoking rates, cancer deaths and diabetes. To me, morally, it was the right thing to expand Medicaid, but I had a responsibility to not to do something that would bankrupt the state, said former Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, referring to the increased costs of caring for a larger population with Medicaid insurance. More than 30 states, about a dozen of which are led by Republican governors, expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. In Kentucky, more than 400,000 people gained health insurance through the program, the highest growth rate of Medicaid coverage of any state. Beshear commissioned independent studies by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte on the financial and health impacts of expanding Medicaid. Both studies found health and economic gains. Deloitte reported that 90,000 newly covered residents received cholesterol screening and 80,000 got preventative dental care within a year. It estimated Kentucky would see an economic boost of $30 billion and 40,000 new jobs by 2021. Beshears successor, Republican Governor Bevin, was elected in 2015 on a promise to repeal and replace the healthcare law on the view that thousands of Kentuckians had unaffordable premiums and only one health insurer to choose from. He dismissed the projections in the Beshear-commissioned studies as preposterous, and says the states share of expanded Medicaid - $74 million in 2017 and totaling $1.2 billion over five years - was too expensive and unsustainable.

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