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1, 2017) On Feb. 1, President Trump went to Delaware to participate in one of the most solemn rituals of the office. (Feb. 1, 2017) The late delivery "is not indicative of a systemic problem" with the submarine, she said. Once the sub is commissioned and completes any post-shakedown fixes, it should be turned over to the Navy at or near the original date, she said. News is also better on the budget front: it should be completed at or under the Navy's target cost. More demands on shipyards In 2011, the Navy authorized stepped-up production of Virginia-class subs, going from one to two per year, ordering the Washington and the USS Illinois. That move now is coming to fruition. The USS Illinois has been delivered from Electric Boat, and it was ahead of schedule. The Washington is now on deck.

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And European rabbis said the Court had added to rising incidences of hate crime to send a message that "faith communities are no longer welcome". The judges in Luxembourg did find that the dismissals of the two women may, depending on the view of national courts, have breached EU laws against religious discrimination. They found in particular that the case of the French software engineer, fired after a customer complaint, may well have been discriminatory. Reactions, however, focused on the conclusion that services firm G4S in Belgium was entitled to dismiss receptionist Samira Achbita in 2006 if, in pursuit of legitimate business interests, it fairly applied a broad dress code for all customer-facing staff to project an image of political and religious neutrality. "BACKDOOR TO PREJUDICE" The Open Society Justice Initiative, a group backed by the philanthropist George Soros, said the ruling "weakens the guarantee of equality" offered by EU non-discrimination laws. "In many member states, national laws will still recognize that banning religious headscarves at work is discrimination," policy office Maryam Hmadoun said. "But in places where national law is weak, this ruling will exclude many Muslim women from the workplace." Amnesty International welcomed the ruling on the French case that "employers are not at liberty to pander to the prejudices of their clients". But, it said, bans on religious symbols to show neutrality opened "a backdoor to precisely such prejudice". The president of the Conference of European Rabbis, Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, complained: "This decision sends a signal to all religious groups in Europe".

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