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The couple will have to reconcile their contrasting needs. And another: "A partner with strong Sagittarius or Aries in their chart may clash with someone with strong Libra. The Sagittarius or Aries person may be quite brash and in-your-face, which can present a problem with Libra's elevated sensibilities and desire for diplomacy," he said. They'll have to understand each other's defaults, make compromises, and be understanding, which takes work. For the more advanced reading, "if a woman's Mars is in Leo, she's going to like men who have a sunny disposition, are generous, magnanimous, and even entertaining. A Leo man would be great for her, because he embodies those traits she finds appealing," he said. RELATED:  5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Unconditionally Love You — No Matter What Similarly, if a man's Venus, which depicts the qualities he finds attractive in a woman, is in Aquarius, he's going to like women who are smart, cool, and a little detached, which marks the Aquarius nature. "Though smart, Scorpio women tend to be pretty emotional and intense, so they may not be the best match for him; she might only send two texts in a row or question why he was late, and he might see her as a bunny boiler," he said. Astrologers can help you see common problems that could arise, based on each other's tendencies and chart reading, and then offer tips to overcome the obstacles. "For instance, say a man has his moon in Sagittarius, and the woman has her moon in Taurus.

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